How can I turn on/off Auto Keyboard switching?

A lot of times we create documents and presentations with text from two different languages, for example Greek and English. When we have typed two different languages, for us to be able to edit the text we must switch between languages with the use of the keyboard. The combination keys as we know are Left Alt + Shift key or the Ctrl + Shift keys. Usually we forget to change the language of the keyboard in order to match the text we want to edit, and as a result is the fact that we have to erase the text, fact that is annoying and a waste of time.

What is the solution for this though?

In Office 2010 there is a feature that helps the users to switch between languages automatically, so it matches the language that we are about to edit. This feature we can find in the applications of OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher and Word.

To activate this feature we must select the File Tab from the ribbon in order to go to Backstage View, and from the drop down menu to select the category Options. The Word Options window appears, where we have to select the Advanced option from the left. Then on the right side of the window and under the category Editing Options we must activate the check box at the right of the command Automatically Switch Keyboard to Match Language of Surrounding Text.


That is all. Every time our insertion point is inside text with a different language the keyboard language display will change automatically to the matching language in order to edit or type text. No more useless erasing, or switching between languages with the keyboard shortcuts. This feature is available when we have more than one languages installed and also available in previous versions of Office.

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