How To Insert Your Digital Signature Automatically In A Word Document

Have you ever found the need to insert your digital signature in a document manually? By manually, I mean using the Insert Tab selecting the command Picture and then navigating to locate our signature over and over again in order to insert in our document. I bet that is a lot of trouble to repeat over and over again.

There is though, an easier way to make our lives more simple. The main thing is that we must have scanned our signature, and have it saved on our pc.

Further down I will describe the steps that are needed to import our handwritten signature automatically in our document.

Step 1: We must follow the usual procedure in order to input our signature in our document only for the first time. By that I mean to use the Insert Tab, and from the area of the ribbon named Illustrations to use the command Picture. Straight away the Insert Picture window will appear where we must navigate and locate our signature in order to insert it in our document.

Step 2: Once we have inserted our signature in our document, we must select it by clicking on it with our mouse as we can see in the following picture.


Step 3: Once we have our signature selected, we must select the File Tab in order to go to Backstage View and from the drop down list to select the category Options in order to open the Word Options window. Once the Word Options window appears we select the command Proofing from the left of the window. Then from the right area of the window and under AutoCorrect Options we must press the AutoCorrect Options button as we can see in the image below.


Step 4: In the new window that appears and it is named AutoCorrect, we must be sure that the tab AutoCorrect is selected first of all. Then we must make sure that the Formatted Text button is activated and finally at the text area under the command Replace we must type in a key word to use as a shortcut key to be use for inserting our Signature. In my case the shortcut key that I have used is ppan as shown in the image below.


Once we have typed in the shortcut key that we want to use, we press the OK button at all the open windows in order to return to our Word document. Now, whenever in our documents we type in the shortcut key, our signature will appear automatically straight away. This function exists in previous versions of Office also.

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