Invisible Linking in PowerPoint. Know How‼!

Usually when we want to hyperlink a specific slide, a url or a custom slide show, we add a hyperlink onto a button. Then when we click on the button, and automatically we are transferred to the location that we have defined. What though, if we wanted to do this automatically? Further down I will describe how this is accomplished.

First Step: If we have already inserted any buttons in our presentation, we must remove them because they are not necessary.

Second Step: We must add a rectangle that covers the entire slide. In order to do that we must go to the Insert Tab and from the area of the ribbon named Illustrations we select the Shapes button and from the drop down menu we select from the category Rectangle a Rectangle shape. Then we draw with our mouse the rectangle shape to cover our whole slide as shown in the image below.


Third Step: Then we make sure that the rectangle is still selected. We will notice it if we can see the handles around our shape and see the Drawing Tools Tab and under the Format Tab that activates itself automatically as shown below.


Fourth Step: From the area of the ribbon named Shape Styles we select the command Shape Fill and from the drop down menu we select the command More Fill Colors.


Once the Colors window appears, at the bottom of the window we must set the Transparency to 99%, as we can see below.


Then we must select the Shape Outline command and from the drop down menu to select the command No Outline as shown below.


Fifth Step: Now our rectangle shape is invisible, and while it is selected we must select the Insert Tab and from the area of the ribbon named Links we must select the Actions button. Once the Action Settings window appears we select the tab Mouse Over as we can see below.


Sixth Step: We select the command Hyperlink To and set it to Slide/ Url/ Custom Show/ Another Presentation or whatever our needs are. At the bottom of the window optionally we can select the command Highlight When Mouse Over, so that we will be notified when our mouse cursor is over the Hyperlink.

Seventh Step: Now if we want to test our invisible hyperlink, we must test our slide show. In order to do that we select the Slide Show Tab and from the area of the ribbon named Start Slide Show, we select either the command From Beginning or From Current Slide depending on which slide is the hyperlink.


Once our presentation has started we will notice that moving our mouse over the presentation that we cannot see our hyperlink but once moving the mouse over the slide a small window appears notifying us where the hyperlink leads to. By clicking with our mouse the hyperlink activates and leads us to the other presentation that I have selected.


There are many ways that we can use with the invisible linking. For example with this technique that I described above, it allows us to hyperlink automatically from Presentation A to Presentation B either with a single click or not all depending on our settings.


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