How to Insert an Image Inline in an Email with Outlook

Sometimes we will find ourselves in the need to insert an image, picture, or photograph in an email in Outlook, so that the image itself appears in the body of the message and not as an attachment. In order to do that we must follow the steps described below:

We must create a message using HTML formatting as we can see in the image below.


Then we position the cursor where we want our image to appear in the body of the message and then we must select the Insert tab. From the area of the ribbon named Illustrations we select the command Picture as shown below.


The Insert Picture window appears, where we must select the image we want to insert into our message.


Once selected, we press the Insert button in order for our image to be inserted. In order to insert multiple images we can use the Ctrl key to insert them all at once. The image (s) has been inserted now in the body of our message as we can see at the image below.


As we can see at the Illustrations area of the tab Insert, except for inserting a Picture we can insert also Clip Art, Shapes, SmartArt and Charts.


  • Clip Art: includes drawings, movies, sounds or stock photography that illustrates a specific concept.
  • Shapes: We can insert ready-made shapes, such as rectangles and circles, arrows, lines, flowchart symbols, and callouts.
  • SmartArt: We can insert a SmartArt graphic that visually represents information. The SmartArt graphics range from graphical lists and process diagrams to more complex graphics, such as Venn diagrams and organization charts.
  • Chart: We can insert a chart to illustrate and compare data. Some available types of charts are Bar, Pie, Line, Area and Surface.
  • Screenshot: We can insert a picture of any program that is not minimized to the taskbar.

How can we insert an image that we have found on a web site?

We create a message using HTML formatting and then we open the web page containing the picture that we want to insert.

Then we can drag and drop the image from the web page to the location we want in our email message. As we can see at the image below, by using the drag and drop technique we can see the image that is been moved into the body of the message.


The catch is that when we use the drag and drop technique, instead of the image been inserted, the link of the image is inserted instead as we can see below.


Alternatively for better results, we can right click on the image in the web page and from the shortcut menu to select Copy, then insert our cursor in the body of the message we want to add the image and then right click again and from the shortcut menu to select Paste. The image will be inserted in the body of our message as shown below.


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