How To Save A Chart As A Template

We have just created a chart which we spent a lot of time and effort. We have edited it, modified it, to make it almost perfect. What happens though when we want to create a new chart which is based on the “Perfect” chart? With Excel we have the possibility to save the chart type in order to be used again in the future but with different data, without having to repeat the same steps over and over again until we reach to the final. With Excel the procedure is quite simple, because we can save our chart as a template.

In order for us to save our chart as a template we must follow the steps described below:

1. We must select the chart that is in our spreadsheet or to click on the sheet just in case our chart takes over a whole sheet.

2. Once selected the Chart Tools Tab appears, where we must select the secondary Tab named Design. Then from the area of the ribbon named Type we must select the command Save As Template as shown in the image below.


The Save Chart Template window appears where the program suggests as file name Chart1.crtx and extension type .crtx (where crtx means Chart Template Files) and predefined folder for saving the chart the Microsoft Template Chart Folder.


3. We type in a name for a chart template with deleting the extension .crtx.

4. Then we press the Save button in order to close the Save Chart Template window.

Once we have save a chart as a template following this procedure, we can use the template anytime we want to create a new chart based on it following the steps:

1. We select the data in our spreadsheet that we want to represent with a new chart that will be based on our chart template.

2. Then we select the Insert Tab, and from the area of the ribbon named Chart we must select the arrow at the bottom right of the area as shown in the image below.


3. The Create Chart window appears, where on the left of the window we can see all the categories of charts and at the top we can see the category Templates which we must select.


From the category Templates in the navigation area at the right we can see the miniatures of all the chart templates that we have created. If we have created many of them, the only way to know which one we want to use is to navigate across it with our mouse on top of it, and straight away the name of it appears. It will be useful then to give to our charts appropriate names in order to define them.


4. We select the chart that we want and then press the OK button.

The moment we press the OK button, Excel applies the layout and all the modifications that were save to the chart template to our new chart that has been created with the new data.

If we want to delete or rename some chart templates that we have created previously, we must follow the same steps in order to create a chart and from the Insert Chart window at the bottom left corner we must select the command Manage Templates.


Once the command is select the predefined folder window appears where all our saved templates appear. In this folder we can rename, delete or do whatever necessary needed.


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