Turning Photos into PowerPoint Slide Shows

We have often come to the need to turn our digital pictures into a PowerPoint slide show. Instead of inserting every digital image one by one on each separate slide by using the Insert Picture command and then resizing the images, we can use the Photo Album command quickly and easily. Further down I will describe how this could be done:

First of all we must start PowerPoint (the same procedure stands for PowerPoint 2010 and PowerPoint 2007). Then we must click on the Insert tab of the ribbon, and on the area of the ribbon named Illustrations (for PowerPoint 2007) and Images (for PowerPoint 2010) we select the command Photo Album as we can see in the image below.


From the drop down menu we select the command New Photo Album as we can see.


Once selected the Photo Album window appears where we must select the button File/Disk from the area of the window named Insert Picture From:


Once selected the Insert New Pictures window, where we must select the images that we want to insert and then select the Insert button in order for them to be inserted.


Once the images have been inserted we return to the Photo Album where we can see all the images inserted in the area Pictures In Album (with their names) as shown in the image below.


By selecting the command New Text Box from the area Insert Text a new slide will be inserted where we can add text if we want to.

From the area named Picture Options we can activate the command check box Captions Below All Pictures and also the command All Pictures Black And White.


In the middle of the window, once an image is selected in the area Pictures In Album we can use the Up and Down buttons to rearrange the order of the image. We can also delete and image by selecting the Remove button and at the right of the window we can use the commands Rotate, Contrast and Brightness as we can see below.


In the area of the window Album Layout we can select the drop down menu next to the command Picture Layout in order to have one, two, four pictures inserted in one slide or the same but with the slides to have a title also.


In the area of the window named Album Layout we can select the drop down menu next to the command Frame Shape in order to reshape the borders of our image.


In the area of the window named Album Layout we can select the command Browse at the right of the command Theme in order to apply a theme to our presentation.


Once we have done all the adjustments we just press the Create button and all the images have been inserted into our presentation will all the adjustments that we had made.


Once we have created a Photo Album we can edit it by using the command Edit Photo Album, which is found on the tab Insert and in the area Illustrations or Images (depending the version of PowerPoint) we select the command Edit Photo Album.


The Edit Photo Album dialog box appears where we can do all the changes that we want and then press the Update command button in order for them to be applied.



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  1. what is the maximum number of the photos can be inserted into the file?
    I am using Powerpoint 2013 and the converter is starting to show error after 180 pictures.

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for the prompt response.

    I’ve resized all those foto’s and have successfully upload them to the powerpoint. It is due to the capacity.

    Tks again