Convert Text To Table And Vice Verca In Word

Many times we have just typed in our text in a Word document and we decide that the text will be represented better in a table. Instead of creating a table and using the Cut and Paste procedure in order to move the text in the corresponding cells (time-consuming process) we can convert our text into a table simple and fast.

In the image below we see the text that has been typed and that we have decided to convert it into a table. The first thing that we should do is to select the text.


Once our text is selected we select the Insert Tab and from the area of the ribbon named Table we select the corresponding command in order for the drop down menu to appear. From the drop down menu we select the command Convert Text To Table which is at the bottom of the menu as we can see in the image below.


The Convert Text To Table window appears where we can do the following adjustments:

In the area of the window named Table Size we can define the following:

  • Number of Columns: For my example I have set the number of columns to 5.
  • Number of Rows

In the area of the window named Autofit Behavior we can define the customization of the table:

  • Fixed Column Width
  • AutoFit To Contents
  • AutoFit To Window

In the area of the window named Separate Text At we define what sort of separation is going to be used:

  • Paragraphs
  • Semicolons
  • Tabs
  • Other


Once we have done all the adjustments we press the OK button and our text has been converted to a table according to the adjustments that we had made.


Convert Table To Text

Let’s see now the opposite situation. We have created our table and inputted our data into it and we want to convert the table to text.

First we must select our table as shown in the image below.


The Table Tools tab appears where we must select the Layout tab and then from the area of the ribbon named Data we must select the command Convert To Text as shown at the image below.


Once the specific command is selected the Convert Table To Text window appears, where we can adjust our data to be separated from the following:

  • Paragraph
  • Tab (which is usually the default)
  • Semicolons
  • Other (where we define the separator that we want)


By pressing the OK button, our table has been converted to text according to the adjustments that we had defined.

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