Flags in Outlook

Why do we flag an e-mail message? Well the reason is obvious! For us to do our job quickly!

So how can we flag a message fast and easy?

First of all we have to select our Inbox folder, where at the right of the Subject line of the message appears we notice a grey outline of a flag. Once we click on it, the flag changes from grey to red.


Every time now that we look at our messages, we will know at which messages we have to pay attention to. The messages that we flag show up also in the To Do pane, which appears in the bottom right area of the Outlook screen.


Once we have finished with the flagged message, if we click the flag again, it will be replaced with a check mark, notifying us that we have finished over viewing the message.


As mentioned above, when we mark a message with a flag; it appears also in the To Do pane, with other tasks that we have scheduled. What happens though when we don’t want to read that specific message today, but the next day or even the next week?

If we right click on the flag icon, a list with due dates will appear which includes Today, Tomorrow, This Week, Next, No Date and Custom.


All we have to do is to select the date that we want from the list. That can also be done by dragging and dropping the item from the To Do pane. For example we can drag one date from the Today group to the Next Week group by using drag and drop.

If the due date has passed without us having done any changes to the message, then the message heading will by highlighted in red color as well as in the To Do pane as shown in the image below.


If we want to change the default due dates of the flags, we must do a right click on any flag and from the shortcut menu to select the command Set Quick Click. The Set Quick Click window appears where we can choose whatever we desire as we can see in the following image.


If we want to clear a message from a flag that we accidentally highlighted with, we must do a right click on the flag and from the shortcut menu that appears to select the command Clear Flag as shown below.



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