Office 2010 “Getting Started” Screensaver

Don’t know so much about Office 2010 yet? Still trying to learn it? Searching around the web for tips and tricks on how things can be done?

The solution is right in front of our computer screen. All we have to do is to download the Office 2010 “Getting Started” Screensaver. What does it do? This free screensaver downloads short 60-90 seconds tips from, and shows them when we are not using our PC. This way we get tips that help us using Office 2010, even when we are not working on our PC.

Also, say that we are intrigued by a particular tip; a simple click will take us to a web page, where we can view the video again, watch similar ones, or even read an article to learn more.

Just click the button below in order to download the Office 2010 Getting Started Screensaver.


Once downloaded, we have to run ScreensaverSetup.exe in order for the installation to begin. We will be prompted to install Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 Full, in case it is not already installed. We just press the Install button to continue.


After Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 is installed we are prompted to with the License Agreement, which we accept and then press the Next button in order for the Office 2010 Screensaver Install Shield Wizard to run.


That’s it the Office 2010 Screensaver is installed.

Depending on our settings in the Control Panel, the next time that we will not be using our computer the Screensaver will run, informing us with useful tips and tricks as demonstrated in the video below.

If we want to change the settings for the Office Screensaver, we must go the Control Panel, category Appearance, Screen, and Change Screensaver.

The Screen Saver Settings window appears, where we press the Settings button as shown below.


The options for the Office 2010 Screensaver settings are shown in the image below, where we can change the Notification Settings and the Transparency of the desktop alerts.


How it works? They have coded the screensaver so it pulls videos from an RSS feed. With this way, the tips are always fresh (we have to be online though).

When we go back to our computer and dismiss the screensaver a small popup alert appears at the bottom of our screen, saying that we can click on it to learn more, as shown in the image below.



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