How to Change The Resolution of A Picture In Office Programs

We all know that when we insert images, photographs (high-resolution images) in our documents, presentations the result of the size of the file is to be increased. However, we can change the resolution of a picture in order to decrease the image size.

Below I will show how this can be done in PowerPoint. The same procedure stands either if the image is inserted in a Word document or an Excel File. The description of the post has been done with PowerPoint 2010.

First we select the picture that we want to change the resolution for by clicking on it with our mouse as shown at the image below.


Once the image is selected the Picture Tools is activated, and then on the Format Tab and in the area of the ribbon named Adjust we select the command Compress Pictures as shown below.


Once selected the Compress Pictures window appears as we can see.

Under the Compression Options area, if we want to change the resolution for the selected picture the command Apply Only To This Picture must be activated.

If we want to compress all the photos in the presentation we must uncheck the check box next to the command Apply Only To This Picture.


Under the area Target Output, we can click at the resolution that we want and then press the OK button.

  • Print (220ppi): Excellent quality on most printers and screens – largest file size
  • Screen (150ppi): Good for webpages and projectors
  • E-mail (96ppi): Minimum document size for sharing
  • Use Document Resolution: By default, PowerPoint sets the resolution for pictures at 220 dpi. If your inserted photos have a lower resolution, then that resolution would apply.

(ppi): Pixels per inch or pixel density


Whatever adjustments we do, we press the OK button to return to our presentation.  That is it, the images have been compressed.  In the video below and at the end of it, you can view the difference on the size between two files (one with the images not compressed and one with the images compressed).

Many times when we click on a image instead of the Picture Tools tab to be activated the Drawing Tools or SmartArt Tools tab appears. The reason is that the image is not treated as a picture because it is most likely an image with a drawing type of format such as an embedded object as we can see below.


In the video below you can check out the steps on how to change the resolution of a picture in PowerPoint.

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