Quick Analysis in Excel 13

Do you want to analyze your data quickly and present it in a different way? Want to visualize your data quickly and easily?

This is where Excels 13 new feature comes up, named Quick Analysis. This new feature automatically suggests what sort of Conditional Formatting we should use, suggests the most appropriates types of graphs and charts based on the data that we have entered and many more.

Every time we select a range of data in an Excel Workbook a small icon appears at the bottom right area of the selected range as shown in the image below. If we hover our mouse on top of the icon the screen tip will appear, informing us in a few words what this new feature does.

Quick Analysis Tool

In the image below I have selected a range of data in the worksheet, the Quick Analysis icon appeared which I then clicked on it and sort of a shortcut menu appears as shown in the image below.

Quick Analysis

As we can see in the image below the Quick Analysis tool has different categories which are the following:

  • Formatting (We can easily spot trends and patterns in our data by using bars, colors and icons to visually highlight important values):

Data Bars, Color Scale, Icon Set, Greater Than, Top 10%, Clear Format


  • Charts (We can visualize our data with a chart):

Scatter, Clustered Column, Clustered Bar, Line, Stacked Column, More Charts


  • Totals (We can automatically calculate totals for our data):

Sum, Average, Count, % Total, Running Total


  • Tables (Helps us to sort, filter and summarize our data):

Table, Blank Pivot Table


  • Sparklines (We can create mini charts that are placed in a single cell to visualize our data):

Line, Column, Win/Loss


Keep in mind that depending on the data that we have selected in our worksheet the Quick Analysis tool recommendations depends on our data. So the images above may differ, depending on the selected data.

You can also check the video below describing the new feature Quick Analysis in Excel 13.

Quick Analysis

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