Quick Responses in Outlook 13

Do you want to reply or forward a message without leaving your inbox? You are annoyed by all the open reply windows which take a lot of space in your Outlook screen? And most of all the fact that we have to close all the open windows one by one, in order to return to Outlook.

Now with Outlook 13 we can reply directly to our messages from our inbox, without the need to open a new window in order to reply or forward.

How do we do it?

Simply click on the message that we want to reply to and straight away on the right side of Outlook on the Reading Pane the preview of the message will appear as we can see in the image below. All we have to do now is click on either Reply, Reply All, Forward as shown below.

Reply - Reply All - Forward

Once we have clicked on one of the above using the Quick Response feature, the Reading Pane is replaced by the area in order to compose our message in order to be sent as we can see below. All the features are activated when we use the Quick Response feature, meaning that we can format, insert an attachment and use all the other features available.

Quick Response

Once we have selected the Quick Response feature, in the Quick Response area (Reading Pane) above the recipients address are located two buttons: Pop Out and Discard.

By selecting the Pop Out button, the message will appear in a new separate window as it used to before.

By selecting the Discard button, the message under compose will be discarded.

Pop Out - Discard

What happens though when we are using the Quick Response feature and we have started typing our message and then we switch on to doing something else?

An extra feature which is named Draft Indicator appears which notifies us which mails we have started to reply or forward but we haven’t finished it. Once we start replying or forwarding a message the keyword Draft appears on top of the message as shown in the image below. This Indicator remains until we send the mail or discard it (as mentioned above).


With this extra feature we will know what messages that we want to reply or forward are uncompleted. All we have to do is to click on this indicator and automatically our mail that we were composing on will appear so we can start from we have left it on.

Also, once we use the Quick Response feature a new tab activates named Compose Tools as shown below with all the features that we can use in order to complete our message in order for it to be sent. Note though, that not all the features are available in the Compose Tools tab because of limited space but just the necessary ones.

Compose Tools

Below you can check out the video showing the feature Compose Tools in Outlook 13.

Quick Responses in Outlook 13

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