Automatic Download Pictures in Outlook 13

Have you ever had problems viewing images in messages that you received in Outlook? Click to download or change download settings are too confusing? Outlook helps protect our privacy, that’s for sure. In this post, I will describe the options that we have when it comes to downloading images in mail that we receive.

At the right of Outlook and at the Preview Pane we notice that the mail that we have received, that it doesn’t display the images. Right below the message we are provided with an Informational ribbon which mentions the following:

Click Here To Download Pictures. To Help Protect Your Privacy, Outlook Prevented Automatic Download Of Some Pictures In This Message.

Click To Download

If we click on this area as mentioned, a shortcut menu appears where we can choose from one of the following commands as shown below.

Download Drop Down Menu Options

      1. Download Pictures: If we click on this command, all the images in the mail will be displayed as shown in the image below.

Downloaded Images

     2. Change Automatic Download Settings…: If we click on this command the Trust Center dialog box appears, with the Automatic Download category selected at the left as we can see in the image below.

Trust Center - Automatic Download

Here we are provided with some information about security and why Outlook by default does not download pictures automatically in order to protect our privacy.

In this dialog box where are able to activate or deactivate the primary command which is:

Don’t Download Pictures Automatically In HTML E-Mail Messages Or RSS Items. If we deactivate this command all of the rest of the commands will become deactivated.

In the sub-categories we can do one of the following depending on what we want to do:

  • Permit Downloads In E-Mail Messages From Senders And To Recipients Defined In The Safe Senders And Safe Recipients Lists Used By The Junk E-Mail Filter.
  • Permit Downloads From Web Sites In This Security Zone: Trusted Zone
  • Permit Downloads In RSS Items
  • Permit Downloads In SharePoint Discussion Boards
  • Warn Me Before Downloading Content When Editing, Forwarding Or Replying To E-Mail.

Finally at the bottom of the shortcut menu we can either do one of the following:

      3. Add Sender To Safe Senders List

In order for Outlook to protect us, it has blocked some features in the current mail that the Sender has send us. By selecting the above command, the sender will be added to the Safe Senders Lists and from now on, when we receive a mail from this Sender it will not be added anymore in the Junk E-mail.

     4. Add The Domain to Safe Senders List

If we select this command, all the mail that we will receive from the domain @.*************.com no matter their name, they will be added to the Safe Senders List and not be added anymore in the Junk E-mail.

Sometimes the Informational ribbon below the message that we have received displays the following message:

If There Are Problems With How The Message Is Displayed, Click Here To View It In A Web Browser.

Web Browser

If we click on the Informational ribbon, we notice that the shortcut menu has a new command located at the bottom of the menu as shown in the image below:

View in Browser: If we click on this command the message will be displayed in our default Web browser.

View In Browser

Below you can check out the video describing the Automatic Download Pictures in Outlook 13.

Automatic Download Pictures In Outlook 13

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