Fifa World Cup 2014

For all the soccer lovers around the world. The games have started and everyone is trying to figure out who is going to win the trophy.

In order to honour the greatest FIFA football event, the people behind Spreadsheet 1 have created a free Excel spreadsheet to predict the World Cup Finalists. They have done a fantastic job once again!!!

In order for us to download it just click on the link below. There are two versions, one in German and one in English. Just select the one appropriate for you.

Once we have downloaded the Excel file, we just open it and voila!!! All the Groups are presented to us. All we have to do is select the group that we want and all the games of the particular group appear in front of us. Once we know the result of a game, we just insert it in the appropriate cell, and all the statistics appear at the right.

World Cup 2014

In the image below, we can see the group that Greece is in. So all that we do as the days go by of the tournament, is to select the group and insert the results.


Group winners are automatically shown in the knock-out stage and their country flags are looked-up without using macros !

Knock Outs

The World Cup 2014 tab is divided in three parts, which are the following as shown in the images below:

Venues (Stadiums): If we select the command a drop down menu appears with all the stadiums that the games will be played. Once we select a stadium, an image of it appears with information.


Teams: Once we select the Teams command, all the groups appear in a drop down list, where we just select the group that we want, then the team that we want and finally the position that we are interested in. In the image below, I have selected Group C, then Greece, then Goalkeeper and finally the three goalkeepers appear.


Matches: Once we select the command Matches, all the games will appear along with the date, the time, the stadium as shown in the image below.


Hope you enjoy the tournament and I hope you enjoy the prediction sheet. Great job for everyone that participated in creating this excellent spreadsheet.

May the best win (hope it is Greece)!!!

Below you can check out the video about World Cup 2014 Spreadsheet.

Fifa World Cup 2014 Spreadsheet

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