Insert An Object In An Office 13 Program

Have you ever wanted to insert an Object in an Excel Spreadsheet, such as a Word Document, a PowerPoint Presentation, a PDF file or any other kind of file? The reason for attaching an Object into a spreadsheet is that we can access it more easily and quicker during a meeting. When we insert an Object this way, we can include a clickable icon in the spreadsheet, which is linked to the file, or even create a new file. In the example below, I will be using to insert an Object in an Excel Spreadsheet. The same procedure is followed also for other Microsoft Office 13 programs.

In order to insert an Object in a spreadsheet we must follow the steps below.

First, we must select the Insert tab and then from the area of the ribbon on the right, we locate the area of the ribbon that is named Text as we can see in the image below.

Insert - Text

Once we have located the Text area we select the bottom right icon of this area, which is named Object as we can see from the Screen Tip that appears once we navigate on top of the icon. Here we can see the description of what the Object command does.


Once selected, right away the Object window appears, with the Create New tab activated as shown below. Here we can insert a new Document Object into our document. This Document Object can be whatever Document we want, depending on what programs we have installed on our computer. All we have to do is to select the Object Type from the list below, choose if we want it to be Displayed As An Icon and then press the OK button.

Object - Create New

Straight away in our spreadsheet a new blank document has been inserted depending on what type of file we had selected.

On the Object window, we select the Create From File tab and then we select the Browse button in order to locate the file that already exists on our PC so we can insert the file that we want into our spreadsheet. Once we have selected it we notice the File Name: of the specific file as well as the path of the file. We can activate the check boxes next to the command Link To File, and the check box next to the command Display As Icon. Right below and in the middle of the Object window, we notice the Result area, which mentions the following:

Inserts an icon that represents the contents of the file into your document. Changes to the source file will be reflected in your document.

At the bottom right corner of the Object window, we notice the files icon, as long with the path and name of the selected file. If we press the Change Icon button right below we can change the icon of the selected file.

Once we have finished, we just press the OK button as that is it.

Object - Create From File

In the image below, I have inserted three different type of files in the spreadsheet. One is an Excel file, the other a Word file and a PowerPoint file. Once we double click on an icon, the selected file will open and be presented to us.

Inserted Objects

Below you can check out the video describing how to Insert An Object in an Office 13 Program.

Insert Object in an Office 13 Program

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