Protect Your Presentation in PowerPoint 13

In Microsoft Office 13, including Word 13, Excel 13 and PowerPoint 13 we are able to protect our documents with passwords and even though to encrypt the documents. It is quite easy to protect our sensitive data in Microsoft Office 13. In this post I will use as an example a PowerPoint 13 Presentation. All you have to do is to follow the steps below.

First, we must select the File tab in order to move to Backstage View. Once in Backstage View, we make sure that the Info category is selected from the left of the drop down menu. Then from the right pane, we select the command Protect Presentation as shown in the image below.

Protect Presentation

Once the Protect Presentation button is selected the drop down menu appears as shown below with the following commands.

  • Mark As Final: By using this command, the readers will now that it is marked as Final and that it is only Read Only.
  • Encrypt With Password: In order for someone to open it, they will need the password that we had defined.
  • Restrict Access: By using this command we grant people access, but they will not be able to edit, copy or print it.
  • Add A Digital Signature: By using this command, we ensure the integrity of it by adding an invisible digital signature.

Protect Presentation

In the image below, I have selected the command Mark As Final and straight away a Microsoft Warning dialog box appeared notifying us that This Presentation Will Be Marked As Final And Then Saved. All we have to do is to press the OK button, in order for it to be Marked As Final.

Mark As Final

In the image below I have selected the command Encrypt With Password, and straight away the Encrypt Document window appears, where all we have to do is type in the Password that we want in order to Encrypt it. Once we type in the Password, we will need to type it in again in order to confirm it.

Encrypt With Password

In the image below, I have select the command Restrict Access, and from the menu that appears at the right, we can select one of the following:

  • Unrestricted Access
  • Restricted Access
  • SystemPlus – Confidential
  • SystemPlus – Confidential View Only

Restrict Access

In the image below, I have selected the command Add A Digital Signature, and straight away the Get A Digital ID window appears where we are notified the following:

To Sign A Microsoft Office Document We Need A Digital ID, Would You Like To Get One From A Microsoft Partner Now?

We have to press the Yes button and follow the rest of the procedure in order to obtain a Digital ID.

Get A Digital ID

With all the above commands, we are able to Protect our Presentation. As mentioned above the same commands are available in Microsoft Word 13 and Microsoft Excel 13.

Below you can check out the video on how to Protect our Presentation in PowerPoint 13.

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