How To Publish A Workbook to Microsoft BI

Power BI

Thanks to Power BI, we are now able to transform our company’s data into rich visual in order for us to organize and focus on what really matters to us.


Microsoft Power BI is a collection of online services and features that enables you to find and visualize data, share discoveries, and collaborate in intuitive new ways. There are two experiences now available for Power BI: the new experience, generally referred to as Power BI, and the previous experience which is referred to as Power BI for Office 365.

In order for us to learn more about Microsoft Power BI, we just have to continue reading below.

We must select the File tab of the Excel 2016 application. Once selected, we move to the backstage view where from the left of the drop down menu we select the Publish categroy as shown in the image below.

File - Info - Publish

Once the Publish command is selected, in the middle we notice the Publish to Power BI command and at the right we can see the Go To Power BI command, where all we have to do is to select it.

Publish To Power BI

Once selected as shown in the image below, a Microsoft Excel dialog box appears mentioning this: Contacting The Server For Information.

Go To Power BI

Once finished, we are transferred to the Microsoft Power BI web page as shown below, where we have to fill in our credentials (User Name and Password) in order to Sign In to the Microsoft Power BI site.

Sign In

Once we have signed in, a new web page appears where we just have to press the Sign In button.

Sign In

Once we have entered the Power BI website, we are transferred to the web page shown below.

At the left of the web page we have My Workspace, which is divided into the following main categories with their sub-categories:

Content Pack Library

  • My Organization
  • Services
  • Samples

Import Or Connect To Data

  • Files
  • Databases & More

At the bottom we can either do the following:

  • Add Your Content
  • Find A Partner
  • Submit An Idea

In the middle of the Power BI website we can Get Data from either:

  • Local File
  • OneDrive – Business
  • OneDrive – Personal
  • Learn About Importing Files

My Workspace

At the bottom left corner of the web page we can use the Get Data button in order to import files into the Power BI website. In the image below I have already imported two Excel files for demonstration.

Uploaded Data To Power BI

In the image below I have selected the Get Data command, and then the next web page appears where we can import data from the following:

Content Pack Library:

  • My Organization
  • Services

Import Or Connect To Data:

  • Files
  • Databases

Get Data

In the image below I have opened one Excel Workbook, where we can use many of the commands available in order to make the Workbook more organized, more visualized and more understanding for others.

Visualized Data

In the next image I have downloaded a Workbook from the Power BI web site, where we can see all the visualizations that were created in the Power BI web site on the actual Worksheet. In order to view all the visualizations we must have activated the Power View add in. In order for more information about Power View you can check out the following link:

The Power View blog post is separated in three parts (make sure you check them all out).

Power View - Example Worksheet

In the next images I have selected another Worksheet in order to view all the visualizations.

Power View - Example Worksheet

Power View - Example Worksheet

Useful links, where you can find out more about Power BI, and even download workbooks in order to experiment with:

You can check out the video below in order for us on how to Publish our Workbook to the Microsoft Power BI web site.

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