Direct Replies To: In Outlook 2016

Usually when we send an E-mail, the only one who sees the E-mail address when we reply is the one that we sent it from. Outlook though, has the Direct Replies To: feature, where we can add as many return addresses to the message that we want.

Why is this feature needed;

  • For the occassion that we have different E-mail addresses at home, work, or when we are mailing from a company list and we want the replies to be sent to all the other office departments.

We must select the Options tab and from the right area of the ribbon we locate the More Options area. Then we select the Direct Replies To: command as shown in the image below.

Mail Options - Direct Replies To

Once selected, the Properties dialog box appears, where at the bottom of the window is located the Delivery Options area as we can see below. Right below is located the Have Replies Sent To:, where we just activate the check box at the left of the command. In the middle of the window we can type in the E-mail that we want in order for the Replies to be sent to.

Delivery Options

At the right of the Have Replies Sent To command, we can select the command Select Names in order for the Have Replies Sent To dialog box appears. From this dialog box, we can select existing Recipients to add. All we have to do, is to select a Recipient or Mailing Lists and then select the Reply To command which is located at the bottom left corner of the window in order for the Recipient to be added in the text area and once we are finished we press the OK button.

Have Replies Sent To

Under the Deliver Options area in the Properties dialog box, we can also use the following commands:

  • Do Not Deliver Before: E-mails are sent immediately when we click the Send button. By using this command, we can delay sending an E-mail by adjusting the Date and the Time settings in this area. This way the message will be held in Outbox for the specific time that we have set since we hit the Send button.
  • Expires After: When we want Outlook to automatically remove sent messages as the days go by, we can set an Expire Date. When this date will pass, the message will be marked with a line drawn through it and the next time Outlook runs it will be deleted.
  • Save Copy Of Sent Message: If we activate the check box at the left of the command, a copy of each Message we send will be saved in the Sent Items folder.

Do Not Deliver Before

Once we have done all the settings needed, we just press the Ok button in order to return to our E-Mail Message. Then the More Options area of the ribbon, we notice the Delay Delivery and Direct Replies To buttons, that are activated as we can see in the image below.

Delay Delivery - Direct Replies To

  This feature helps us and our colleagues to keep track for all the Replies we send.

Below you can check out the video describing the feature Direct Replies To command in Outlook 2016.

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