Quick Starter Feature in PowerPoint 365

A new feature has arrived in PowerPoint 365. The name is Quick Starter (sort of like Quick Silver). What does it do though?

It builds an Outline in PowerPoint, to help us get started researching a subject of our choice. All we must do, is to enter a Topic, and voila, after a couple of steps an Outline is created according to the information that we have entered and according to our choices.

QuickStarter in PowerPoint English

All you need to do, to use the Quick Starter feature in PowerPoint is to follow the steps below. Believe me, you must continue reading because it is an amazing and useful feature.  Once we have PowerPoint running, from Backstage View, and where all the Templates are located we select the Quick Starter one as shown in the image below.

PowerPoint QuickStarter

Once Quick Starter is selected the Welcome Screen for PowerPoint Quick Starter appears as we can see in the image below. Here we:

Enter A Topic, And We’ll Create An Outline To Help You Start Our Presentation

All that we need to do is to press the Get Started button which is located at the bottom and we are ready to go.

Welcome To PowerPoint Quickstarter

When we are using Quick Starter for the first time, the Intelligent Services For Your Work screen appears as we can see below where we are notified with the following:

  • Maximize Your Productivity With Cloud-Powered Services. These Features Help You Improve Your Writing In Word, Deliver Dynamic Presentations In PowerPoint And Prioritize The Emails That Matter The Most To You In Outlook. Office Will Use Your Searches And Document Content To Support And Improve The Intelligent Services For You

All we must do if we agree is to press the Turn On button to continue.

Intelligent Services For Your Work

In the next screen of Quick Starter named Search Here To Get Started, all we need to do is to type in the topic that we are searching for in the Search Text Box, or we can choose with one of the popular topics which are located at the bottom of the screen.

Search Here To Get Started

In the following image, I have typed in Greece in the Search area text box, and once I pressed the Search button, after a little bit, topics are displayed below according to my criteria. Then we must select the Topic that we want so we can continue.

Search Here To Get Started

Once we have selected the Topic, in the next screen we can Pick our Starter Slides. In this screen, we are presented with some slide templates that Quick Starter has selected based on our Topic. All we need to do is to pick the ones that we would like to use so we can start creating our Presentation. All we need to do is to activate or deactivate the check box at top right corner of each Slide Template or we can select the Select All button located at the bottom left corner of the Screen as shown below.

Pick Your Starter Slides

On the next and final step of the Quick Starter screen we can Pick A Look. All we need to do is to select the look we want for our Slides and then press the Create button which is located at the bottom right corner.

Pick A Look

Once we press the Create button, we have reached the final step and we are notified that everything is being Put Together for our Quick Starter Outline as we can see below.

Putting Together

That’s it!!! Our Outline is ready for us so we can start.

All we need to do is fill in what is needed and edit what we want. In the next image, we can see that Quick Starter has created a Presentation containing eleven Slides, with information, with images, etc.

Here's Your Outline To Get Started

In the image below, I have selected the View tab and from the area of the ribbon named Presentation Views, I have selected the Slide Sorter command to have a thumbnail preview of the Slides that Quick Starter has created for us.

View tab - Slide Sorter

Below you can check out the video describing the Quick Starter feature in PowerPoint 365.

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