New Feature in Excel 365: Stock Quotes and Geographic Data

A new feature that is available now in Excel 365 is that we can get Stock And Geographical Data. All needed is to type what we want in a Cell and convert it to the Stocks Data Type or the Geography Data Type. The Stocks and Geography Data Types are considered linked Data Types because they have a connection to an online Data Source. This connection allows us to bring back to us interesting information that we can work with. All you need to do is to continue reading the post below.

Stock Quotes & Geographic Data in Microsoft Excel 365

In the example below, I have written down some Countries, which I have also created a Header for them named, Country. Then I have selected the area which contains the Data.

Selected Cells

Once I have selected the Data, I have selected the Insert tab of the ribbon, and under the area of the ribbon named Tables, I selected the command Table. Once selected the Create Table dialog box appears, where the area of the Data is already there, and I have activated the command My Table Has Headers as shown in the image below.

Insert Table

Immediately, my Data has been converted to an Excel Table, as we can see below. Then I have selected the Data tab of the ribbon and located the area of the ribbon named Data Types. Here, according to the Data that I have in my Excel Table, I must select the Geography command, where will be notified that we will be give Information About Countries/Regions, States, Provinces, Cities and More. All needed is to select the Geography Data Type.

Data Tab - Data Types - Geography

In the image below, I selected the Geography Data Type, and immediately we notice a Flag Icon at the left of each Data Cell in our Worksheet. At the top right corner of the Data Area in our Workbook we notice a small plus icon as shown.

Right Click - Shortcut Menu

If we select the small Plus icon at the top right corner of the Data Area, a drop-down menu will appear as shown, where it contains Header Information about the Countries that we have entered in our Workbook. These Header Information for example are Currency Code, Date Founded, Electric Power Consumption, Fertility Rate, Forested Area (%) and many more.

All we need to do is to select one of the Header Information, and all the Information according to the Header we selected about the Country will be entered in the Cells next to each Country. In the image below, I have selected the Leader Header, and right next to each Country all the information about the Leaders are entered in the Cell next to them.

List of Geography

In the next image, I selected the Unemployment Rate, and straight away the Information about the Unemployment Rate about each Country is entered in to the Cells next to each Country.

List of Geography

As mentioned above, this Data Type is connected to an online source that contains more information. Column B and C are extracting this information in my example. Specifically, the values for the Leaders are extracting in Column B and the Fertility Rate are extracting in Column C.

Geography Results

If we want to use information about Stocks, we should type Company Names, Funder Names, Ticker Symbols and more.

Very interesting and useful feature. I hope you all enjoy it.

Below you can check out the video describing the new feature Stocks and Geography Types available in Microsoft Excel 365.

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