How To Embed Fonts in a PowerPoint Presentation?

Just imagine that our PowerPoint Presentation looks perfect on our computer, but when the time comes for us to present it somewhere else, the text looks messed up and nothing seems to be just right or how we imagined it. What has happened? This is where Fonts come in the equation. The Fonts that we have used on our Presentation, the other people where we presented our Presentation may not have the same Typefaces installed on their computer. So, what is the solution? Just keep on reading the post below.

How To Embed Fonts in a PowerPoint Presentation

In the image below I have formatted the text in my Slide with the A Bite Font. A Font, that a lot of users do not use or do not know about. This means that if I Share my Presentation to someone else who does not have this Font, it will not be available for them to be displayed properly. What we need to do is to Embed this Font or any other Fonts in our Presentation.

ABite Font Applied

The first way that this can be accomplished is to Save our Presentation first. We must move to Backstage View, and then from the drop-down menu from the left we select the command Save As. Once selected the Save As dialog box appears as shown below. We fill in the information needed, such as Name of File and Location of File and then from the bottom of the dialog box we select the command Tools. Once we select the command Tools, from the drop-down menu that appears we select the command Save Options.

File - Save As - Save As Options

Once the Save Options command is selected the PowerPoint Options dialog box appears as we can see below. We make sure that the category Save is activated from the left of the dialog box. In this particular category of the PowerPoint Options dialog box, we can Customize How Our Presentations will be Saved.

PowerPoint Options

We then locate the area of the Save category that mentions the following: Preserved Fidelity When Sharing This Presentation.

Right below we activate the check box that is located at the left of the command Embed Fonts In This File. Once activated we can either select from the following two options:

  • Embed Only The Characters Used In The Presentation (Best For Reducing The Size)
  • Embed All Characters (Best For Editing By Other People)

We just activate what we need and then from the bottom right corner of the PowerPoint Options dialog box, we press the Ok button for the changes to take place and for us to return to our Presentation.

Preserve Fidelity When Sharing This Presentation

If we want to use a quicker way for this adjustment to take place, we just select the File tab, and from Backstage View we select the category Options from the left of the drop-down menu and follow the steps described above once the PowerPoint Options dialog box appears.

The same steps we must follow also in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel for us to embed Fonts.

Below you can check out the video describing How To Embed Fonts in a PowerPoint Presentation.

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