How To Use the Relaxed or Tighter Layout in Microsoft Outlook?

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A new feature that has arrived in Microsoft Outlook is the Tighter Spacing feature. What does this feature do? It lets us decide if we want to use more space between Message Items that arrive in our Inbox, or to use a Tighter Layout with the result of seeing more Messages in our Inbox. To find out how to use the Relaxed or Tighter Layout in Microsoft Outlook just keep on reading the post below.

How To Use Tighter Spacing For Messages in Outlook

In the next image we can see in our Inbox and how our Messages arrive. We notice also the available space that is between our Messages in our Inbox.

Relaxed or Tighter Layout in Outlook

We must select the View tab and then locate the area of the Ribbon named Layout as shown in the image below. Once located we select the command Use Tighter Spacing as shown below, and this will Reduce The Amount Of Space Between Message List Items To Show More Messages.

Relaxed or Tighter Layout in Outlook

In the next image I have selected the command Use Tighter Spacing from the Layout area of the View tab, where we can notice that more Messages appears in the Lists Items. The space between the Messages has been reduced, with the result more Message to appear.

Relaxed or Tighter Layout in Outlook

Relaxed or Tighter Layout, it is up to us to decide what we are more comfortable with.

Below you can check out the video describing How To Use The Relaxed Or Tighter Layout in Microsoft Outlook?

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