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Modifying the Printing Options in Word 365

In Word, we can print all sorts of Drawing Objects. We can print Background Color or Background Image or even Hidden text. We can also print Document Properties or Summary Information of our Word Document. We can also set it, so before we print our Document, the Fields or Table of Contents to be updated automatically before printed. How is this done? Just keep on reading the post below.

Display Printing Options in Microsoft Word

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What is the Kerning Feature in Microsoft Word?

Kerning in Microsoft Word! I bet most of us doesn’t know what Kerning means or does! Well, Kerning is a feature in Microsoft Word, where it adjusts the space between two individual letters for a better visual look. Say that when we are designing a Document, each Typeface font requires its own specific Kerning. This feature is very important and necessary when we are designing in a Word Document with large Fonts. In order to use this feature just keep on reading this post below.

What Is Kerning in Microsoft Word 365

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Hide Spelling and Grammar Mistakes in Word 365

If we are annoyed by the Red and Green underlines in our Documents and we do not want them filling in our Document, catching the viewers attentions there is a simple adjustment to be made so we can avoid it. All you need to do is continue reading the post below.

How To Hide Spelling And Grammar Mistakes in Word

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Update Document Content While Dragging in Microsoft Word 365

Sometimes when we are working in a Microsoft Word Document, we notice our content that keeps changing places when we move an object around in the Document. Why does this happen though? Well it is a setting that is available for us in Microsoft Word. All we must do is to activate or deactivate this command if we find it annoying. By activating it, Word will update the Document’s Content when we drag an object with text wrapping, in real time. This way it will be easier for us to see how, when we move an object the affect that it will have in the structure of our Document. To find out, how this is done just keep on reading the post below.

Update Document Content While Dragging

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How to Turn Off Reading View for Word 365 Attachments

Whenever we open a Word Attachment from Outlook, it always opens in Read Mode. This mode means in Word that the Document is only for reading. The reason why it defaults to Reading Mode is because the Document is opened in Read-Only Mode. Outlook saves a copy of the Attachment in a temporary folder, because it is an E-Mail Attachment and always asks us before when we open Word with ReadOnly rights. If we do not use Read Mode in Word, and we always switch to Layout Mode immediately, there is a setting that we can use in order to avoid all this. All you need to do is to continue reading this post below.

How to Turn Off Reading View for Word 365 Attachments

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View Or Change The Properties For An Office File

Properties of a File or otherwise named metadata are details about a File that describes it or even identifies it. Properties of a File are details such as a Title, the Author’s Name, the Subject and other keywords that identify the File. We can include or even modify the File Properties of our Files, so we can easily organize and identify them later. Just continue reading the post below, in order to find our How to View or Modify the Properties of an Office 365 File.

Document Proprerties in Word 365 English

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Modify The Cut, Copy and Paste Options in Word 365

When we Cut or Copy text and then Paste it into our Document, do we want the text to look like the way it originally did, or do we want it to look like the new destination? Sometimes we will want the first options and sometime the second option. Or maybe we always work with the same Paste Options, and we wonder if we can modify the Paste Options to what we need in Word 365. Just keep on reading to find out below how to Modify the Cut, Copy and Paste Options in a Microsoft Word 365 Document.

Cut, Copy & Paste Options in Word 365

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How To Display Names on Presence Flags in Word 365

When we are co-authoring Documents in real, time, we now can see the Person’s Name on a little Flag in the actual Document. This feature is not activated by default and is available at the newest Versions of Office. For us to turn it on we must follow the procedure described below.

How To Display Names on Presence Flags in Word 365

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LinkedIn CV Assistant in Microsoft Word 365

In a previous post of mine, I mentioned How To Activate LinkedIn Features in Microsoft Office 365 applications. Among other things that the LinkedIn Features are helpful and quite handy and which you will find out in later posts, the most exciting feature for now is the LinkedIn CV Assistant directly through Microsoft Word 365 and which will be described below.

CV Assistant in Microsoft Word 365 helps us create professional CV’s. It shows us examples of how real professionals update their professional fields, how they describe their work experience and their skills. All we need to do is look at their CV’s, get ideas from them and use them in our own Resume.

LinkedIn Resume Assistant in Word 365

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