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Upload Export Workbook To Microsoft Power BI

I have mentioned and described in a previous post of mine about Microsoft Power BI. Well now, we have two new commands for us available to use so we can Export or Publish our Workbooks to Microsoft Power BI. Let’s just refresh our memory about Microsoft Power BI.

What is it? It is a data visualization and business analytics platform that is suitable for business. It is a collection of online services and features that enable us to find and visualize data, share discoveries, and collaborate in intuitive new ways.

What does it do? Monitors organizational data that is important.

We have tools, so we can quickly Analyze, Transform and Visualize data, and also
Share Reports.  Just keep on reading to find out about the new commands available, or follow the above link to find out what Microsoft Power BI actually does.

Upload - Export Workbook To Power BI

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Display Options For Worksheet in Excel

As mentioned in the previous post of mine Display Options for Workbooks in Excel, the same thing might happen when we are working in a Worksheet. Elements might be missing, or the elements that we are not used to, might appear. Elements such as, Column and Row Headings, Formulas might appear in Cells instead of the calculated result, Page Breaks might appear and many more. What do we do? Everything is explained in the post described below.

Display Options for Worksheet

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Display Options For Workbook in Excel

Sometimes it may occur to us, when we are working in an Excel Workbook for the Horizontal or Vertical Scroll bar not to be displayed. We may even cannot see the Sheet Tabs, or even nor the Objects that we know exist in our Workbook. What has happened? All will be explained in the post described below.

Display Options for Workbook

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Insert A Funnel Chart In Excel 365

Insert Funnel Chart

A new chart has arrived in Microsoft Excel 365 which is the Funnel Chart. What does the Funnel Chart represents? It shows values across multiple stages in a process. We use this Chart Type to show progressively smaller stages in a process. We can also use this Chart Type when Data Values show progressively decreasing proportions. We can use a Funnel Chart to show the number of sales at each stage in a sales pipeline. Usually the values decrease slowly, allowing the bars to look like a Funnel. In order to create a Funnel Chart in Microsoft Excel 365, all you have to do is to continue reading.

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Create A Map Chart In Excel 365

Insert Maps in Excel 365

Now in Excel 365 we can use a Map Chart to compare values and show categories across Geographical Regions. We use a Map Chart when we have Geographical Regions in our spreadsheet such as CountriesRegionsStatesCounties or Postal Codes. To find out how to create a Map Chart in Excel 365 just keep reading.

We should have one column for our geographic location (country/region, state or province, county or postal code), then our numeric or categorical values in the second column. We might also need to add another level of geographic detail.

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Create a Copy of an Excel Worksheet Without Formulas


Imagine that we have created an Excel Workbook which contains Formulas which we need to distribute to others. The only problem is that we don’t want to reveal the Formulas that our Workbook contains. In the post described below, you can learn how to copy a Worksheet to a different Workbook with only the Results to be shown and not the actual Formulas.

In the image below we can see our Worksheet with all the necessary information, and we also notice that it contains Formulas. At the Formula Bar we can see the actual Formula.


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How To Show Formulas Instead Of Values in Excel

Show Formula

In Excel 2016 and in previous version of Excel, we have the option to display the Formulas in the Cells instead of the Calculated Results. This comes handy, if we are working in a Worksheet with a lot of Formulas in it and we want to understand how all these Formulas relate to each other. This way we can track the data that is used in each calculation so we can quickly check our Formulas for errors. The procedure to quickly display Formulas in Cells is described in this post.

As we can see in the following image the Cell F7 is activated. In this Cell, we see the Calculated Result instead of the Formula. The Formula can be seen in the Formula Bar, where in this example the Formula is =sum(B7:E7).

Calculated Results

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Browser View Options In Excel 2016

In Excel 2016, we have the option to specify how we want a Workbook to be displayed in a browser window. This way we can choose what we want to be viewed in our Workbook, when other people view it in a browser window. This is where the Browser View Options command appears in Excel. All you need to do is to follow the steps below:

First of all, we must select the File tab in order to move to backstage view. Once in backstage view, we make sure the Info category is selected from the left and then from the middle of the drop down menu we navigate and locate the area named Browser View Options as shown in the image below. Here we are notified that we can Pick What Users Can See When This Workbook Is Viewed On The Web.

Browser View Options

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