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How To Enable or Disable The Accessibility Checker in Microsoft Office Programs?

Before we share our Presentation, Document, Spreadsheet or even E-Mail Message, we have to make sure our Content is easy for people with abilities to read and edit. This is where the Accessibility Checker shows up in Microsoft Office Files. It finds most Accessibility Issues and it explains why each issue might be a potential problem for someone with a disability. Below you can check out how it works and how to activate it.

The Accessibility Checker also suggest how we can resolve each issue that appears. The Accessibility Checker, depending on how important the issue might be, it classifies the issue either as an Error, Warning or Tip.

  • Error: Content that makes it difficult or even impossible to read and understand for people with disabilities.
  • Warning: Content that it most cases makes it difficult to understand with people with disabilities.
  • Tip: Content that people with disabilities will understand, but it would be better for them if it was presented to them in a different way.
  • Intelligent Services. Content that is made accessible automatically, which we should review for accuracy and context.

How To Enable or Disable The Accessibility Checker in Microsoft Office Programs

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What Are The New Features Available in Comments For Microsoft Office Applications?

When we insert a Comment to a specific part of a Document, Workbook or Presentation It makes our feedback clearer. If someone else comments on the Document, Workbook or Presentation, by replying to their Comments it is like we are have a discussion, even though we are not all in the Document, Spreadsheet or Presentation at the same time. To find out more about the new Comments feature available in Microsoft Office Programs just keep on reading the post below.

Insert New Comments Feature in Microsoft Office Applications

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Which Are The Updated Features for Info for our Office Files;

In Microsoft Office applications, most of the information that we need about our actual active Document, Workbook or Presentation are available in one location. This location is the Info pane of the Backstage View. In this location, we can access information about permissions, prepare our content for sharing, recover if possible unsaved Files. Now available are even more commands available for us to use, which will be described in the post below. Just keep on reading to find out how to Upload, Share, Copy Path and even Open the File Location in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel.

Updated Info about Microsoft Office 365 Programs

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What Is The Touch/Mouse Mode Feature Available in Microsoft Office Applications?

A new feature available in Microsoft Office applications, is the Touch/Mouse Mode. What does this feature do? It increases or leaves the same, the spacing between the commands of the ribbon in Microsoft Office applications. Touch Mode lets us use the program even without a mouse if our device supports it by increasing the spacing. Mouse Mode lets us use the program with our mouse. To learn more about the feature Touch/Mouse Mode, just keep on reading the post below.

New Touch Mode Feature Available in Office Programs

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View Or Change The Properties For An Office File

Properties of a File or otherwise named metadata are details about a File that describes it or even identifies it. Properties of a File are details such as a Title, the Author’s Name, the Subject and other keywords that identify the File. We can include or even modify the File Properties of our Files, so we can easily organize and identify them later. Just continue reading the post below, in order to find our How to View or Modify the Properties of an Office 365 File.

Document Proprerties in Word 365 English

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Activate LinkedIn Features in Office 365 Applications

A new feature that is available now in Microsoft Office 365 is the LinkedIn Feature. Once we activate this Feature we can see information from LinkedIn public profiles in Microsoft Applications and Services. We can also be able to send invitations to connect on LinkedIn directly through Microsoft Applications. We can also write our Resume, with the help of LinkedIn. In this post I will describe only How To Activate The LinkedIn Features in Microsoft Office 365 Applications.

Activate LinkedIn Features in Office 365

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Alt Text Command in Microsoft Office 365 Applications

In previous posts of mine I had mentioned the Alt Text function in Microsoft PowerPoint, post where you can read in the link here. Things have improved now with the latest updates and we now have an actual command available for us to use. All you need to do is to continue reading.

Alt Text Command In Office 365

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Dictate Text in Microsoft Office 365 Applications

Don’t Type. Just Talk.

In older versions of Microsoft Office, speech recognition was included. All we had to do was to find where it was located. Now this feature is part of Office. Speech recognition uses our voice to control the computer. All we need to do is to Dictate. In order to find out how the feature Dictate works in Microsoft Office 365 applications just continue reading this post.

Dictate Text in A Word 365 Document

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How To Generate a Thumbnail Preview Of Microsoft Office Applications

Many times, we navigate in a Windows Explorer where we have Word Documents and Excel Spreadsheets. Of course, we have named them, but we need to get a quick idea of what these Files actually contain. The only thing that we see is a Preview of a Word Document or an Excel Spreadsheet. Thankfully, we can generate Thumbnails of Microsoft Word Documents and Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets in order to have a glimpse of what these Files actually contain. Just keep on reading below.

Thumbnail Preview of Office 365 Applications

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