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Archive Folder in Microsoft Outlook

A new feature in Outlook is included where we can send Messages to the Archive Folder. Once we move one or more messages to our Archive Folder, it doesn’t mean that we are deleting them, we just store them there in order to find them easier and quicker. What are the benefits though of moving Items to the Archive Folder;

  • It is easier to find Items that we have Archived or by the Search box.
  • The Items in the Archive Folder are still available on our Phone or other Devices.

Archive Folder in Outlook

Just keep on reading below, to find out How to Move Items to our Archive Folder.

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Recall A Sent Message in Outlook 365

Have you ever clicked the Send button in Outlook and realized that we have made a mistake? We think that there is nothing that we can do anymore!!! Is there anything that we can do, to Recall the Sent Message? Yes, there is. There is a feature in Microsoft Outlook where we can Recall A Message, once the conditions are right. All you have to do is to continue reading in order to find out How To Recall A Sent Message in Outlook.

Recall A Message in Outlook 365 English

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Who Is Feature in Microsoft Outlook 365

Who Is It

Imagine that we are typing an Email Message, and in the Body of the Message we are mentioning someone’s Name. We are mentioning the Name of that person and we do not remember who he or she is and we need to refresh our memory. We are not even sure that we have got the right person. What do we do?

We just use the Who Is feature that is available in Microsoft Outlook 365. All you need to do is to continue reading.

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Support And Recovery Assistant Outlook 365

Support And Recovery Assistant

There is a tool available where we can diagnose and fix a range of Outlook 365 problems. This tool is named Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant, where we will need to download as described below in order run it on our local computer. We will need to sign in with our work or school account and then select the issue that we need help. This tools runs a series of diagnostic tests on our computer, and it helps us to set a new profile or resolves any other issues that we might have. All you need to do is to continue reading this post.

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Use the At (@) Symbol in Outlook

Use At (@) Symbol

Do you want to impress someone to get their attention in an Email Message or in a Meeting Invitation? Do you just want to show off? All we must do is to type in the “at” @ symbol followed by the initials of the Contact that we need. What happens will be described below.

Let’s say that we have a New Mail Message as shown in the image below. We have added all the information that is needed in it.

New Mail Message

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Direct Replies To: In Outlook 2016

Usually when we send an E-mail, the only one who sees the E-mail address when we reply is the one that we sent it from. Outlook though, has the Direct Replies To: feature, where we can add as many return addresses to the message that we want.

Why is this feature needed;

  • For the occassion that we have different E-mail addresses at home, work, or when we are mailing from a company list and we want the replies to be sent to all the other office departments.

We must select the Options tab and from the right area of the ribbon we locate the More Options area. Then we select the Direct Replies To: command as shown in the image below.

Mail Options - Direct Replies To

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Check Out the Mailbox Size in Outlook 2016


Many times we want to check out the size of our Mailbox in Outlook. Outlook doesn’t only lets us check out the Total Size of it, but we can see the Size of each Folder within it. There are two ways in order for us to check out the Size of our Mailbox and which will be described below:

In the image below, we see the Home tab of the Outlook 2016 application and at the left corner of the window we can notice the three different E-Mail Accounts that exist.

Mail Accounts

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What is the Clutter in Outlook 2016?

Clutter: The E-Mail Server keeps track of the E-Mails that we read and the one that we don’t read. When new mail comes in, the messages that we most likely ignore are stored into the Clutter Folder.

  • We can learn Clutter our preferences.
  • We can see how Clutter filters messages.
  • We can turn Clutter on or off.

What Is Clutter in Outlook 2016

If we have bought Office 2016 and we don’t have an Office 365 subscription, we won’t have access to features such as Clutter.

Clutter can help us first of all to save time for our most important messages. Clutter helps us in order to filter low priority messages. The E-Mail Server keeps track of the E-mail we read and the ones that we don’t. If we turn Clutter on, it is then automated. When new mails come in, the ones that we usually ignore are stored in the Clutter Folder. If we use Clutter often, it gets better and better. If we are not satisfied with Clutter, we can always turn it off.

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